Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cutting Day

Thank you for your kind comments on my first post. Really appreciate them. Per request, I have added a "follow-me" button at the bottom. All comments on how to improve this site are welcome!

I spent yesterday cutting away on my 2.5" strips. Here is what I started with:
May not look like much, but it was a lot. From left to right, the bins are holding bricks, short strips, and the last two are WOF strips with the last bin double-layered. Behind me as I took this picture is another table with more WOF strips. So I began cutting, and cutting, and cutting. I decided to piece a unit/block of each:

 Boxy Stars!

 Oklahoma Backroads!

 Nine Patch Split!
 Didn't make a sample of Strip Twist (3rd bin in first picture). When I got to the last bin, I saw lots of blue, so back to the patterns I went. I found
 My Blue Heaven!

and began to cut for that. When I stopped, I had this:

Three bins gone!! Again, doesn't look like much, but to the left are bins with 2.5" squares. All patterns are free from Bonnie Hunter at There is so much more to be cut. I am determined to get these kitted before leaving for a road trip next week. First stop will be Road to California. I'm thinking about buying these:

Rulers! From their web-site ( : "Bloc_Loc™ is a revolutionary new channel technology to allow you to accurately "square-up" a half square triangle block while eliminating slipping and ruler rock completely." Of course, if I would cut and sew accurately, these wouldn't be needed. But Bonnie Hunter I am not!

Meeting friends for lunch today, so may not get much cutting done. We shall see. Have a good day, everyone!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Bonnie's Fault!

Welcome to the first entry of my blog.

It's because of Bonnie Hunter at that this blog was created. I came upon Bonnie early in 2013 while reading other quilting blogs and immediately began making her patterns. First was Scrappy Trips, then Rick Rack Nines (still needs to be quilted), Lazy Sunday, Jamestown Landing, Basket Weave Strings and now Celtic Solstice - the reason for the creation of this blog. Bonnie is synonymous with the word scrappy for making quilts and for her annual mystery quilt. This one is called Celtic Solstice. You can read more about it here:

This is my finished Celtic Solstice before borders.

I wanted a Christmas quilt for our king size bed and think this will fit the bill. I looked for backing fabric today but without success. Might have to wait for a shop hop to find something that will work. Until then, I am going to cut fabric and make kits for future quilts. Of course, they are Bonnie patterns! The 2-1/2" bins (check out Bonnie's scrap system - are running over, so I have chosen her Boxy Stars, Strip Twist, Oklahoma Backroads, and Nine Patch Split patterns to kit. We shall see.

Thank you for looking at my first day's blog!